Oriental rug cleaning is the most specialized type of cleaning.  These beautiful works of art require special handling and as IICRC certifed rug cleaners we poccess the rquired knowledge to handle the most delicate and valuable rugs.
We can hand wash these by the immersion bath method.  The preferred method of cleaning these valuable rugs.  This method provide a totl cleaning and not just a topical cleaning.  The emmersion bath method is also the preferred method for dealing with urine odor from pets.
The natural fiber in a fine hand knotted oriental rug must be treated with the highest level of care to avoid dye bleeding, shrinkage & yellowing.
  *Retail & wholsale rug cleaning
  *Pick & delivery
  *All work done at our plant
  *Most rugs returned in one week
  *Odor removal experts
  *fabric protection available
Oriental & Fine Wool Rug Cleaners.
IICRC Certified Oriental Rug Cleaners